Three Simple Tips To Take Care Of Your Dildos

Sex toys have become a large part of many peoples private life, and none is more famous or widespread than dildos. Dildos are used by both men and women and come in all shapes, sizes and with all sorts of different features, but one thing they all have in common is the need for proper sanitisation. Whenever you are dealing with something that has access to sensitive areas of your body, particularly the genitals, you need to ensure that it is kept clean and that requires a bit more effort than you might expect. Here is how to make sure your dildos don't cause any accidental infections when you use them.

The Process Of A Deep Wash

There are two different types of dildos: ones with motors and ones without. If your dildo does not have any electrical parts, then the best way to clean it is to put it in clean, boiling water for about 3-4 minutes and then allow it to cool down. For motorised dildos, you obviously cannot put it completely in water, but you should give it a vigorous wipe down with a fresh towel and some water. After you have used your dildos, it is a good idea to use a basic, non-perfumed soap to give them a quick wipedown. Always make sure that the towels, bowls and other equipment you are using are clean and have not been used twice without a wash between.

Do Not Use Strong Chemicals

It can be easy to go too far when cleaning dildos, but there is a safe middle ground that you should be aiming for between no cleaning and using industrial strength chemicals. As mentioned briefly above, it is best to only use regular soap that has little or no perfumed ingredients. If you use too harsh a chemical or sanitiser then you risk eating through the material your dildos are made of. This can be just as dangerous as not cleaning your dildos at all. For almost all sex toys it is safe to use regular handsoap to clean them. 

Before And After

Many people remember to clean their dildos after they have finished using them, but it is easy to forget to clean them before you start getting down to business. Remember that your dildo has been exposed to dust, bacteria and other unpleasant elements just by being left out. The last thing you want is to give easy access to your most sensitive areas to these invasive elements. Yes, it can be frustrating when you want to start immediately, but safety is important, and many infections have come about from people too eager to wait a few minutes to clean their dildos. Don't ruin your next week by dealing with an infection, take a step back, clean your dildos and then go for broke! 

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